Writing Prompt #2

Today's writing prompt holds a new mystery. Maybe it's a story about mistrust and friendship in a rural area. You decide!

Writing Prompt #2
Photo by Elijah Hail / Unsplash

What is the relationship between these characters? Why has someone to die, and what is this family obligation the prompt is hinting at?

Theme / Tone Mistrust, Lavish, Mystery
Plot Point #1 Suspicion
Plot Point #2 Home sweet home
Plot Point #3 It's a trap!
Character #1 Mysterious, Farmer, Selfish
Character #1 motivation Family obligation
Character #2 Warrior, Explorer, Nervous
Character #2 motivation Rare environment, reveal
Character #3 Innocent, Mechanical, Annoying
Character #3 motivation Environment, Guilt, Heal
Plot Twist Lethal, Necessary, Friend